Fashion Label Virgos Lounge Moving To Greater Heights Since Debut Showcase At MMR 2011


Following a successful showcase of Virgos Lounge (VL) alongside nine other fashion designers and 10 entertainment performers at Le Reve's inaugural edition of MUSIC MEETS RUNWAY (MMR) in 2011 which was held at the Expo Centre, Eko Hotel & Suites in Victoria Island, Lagos, on the 9th of July 2011, the design label has been catapulted to greater heights.







VL is a London based womenswear brand that was established in 2008 by three "Virgo" friends with a love for vintage clothing. The trio whose shared Zodiac sign inspired the name of the label, specialize in combining contemporary silhouettes and trends with classic vintage styles to create unique statement pieces for the modern woman.

Since the label was first noticed after their first ever runway showcase at MMR 2011, they have been making a lot of waves in both online and in the print media in Nigeria and internationally. Their pieces have also been spotted on international celebrities such as British actress Lydia Bright, Designers and reality stars Angela and Vanessa Simmons, and they have also been named by UK's top fashion magazine Grazia as one of the top three brands to watch out for in the UK.


VL featured in 16-22 June issue of "Closer", one of UK's biggest weekly Celeb, Lifestyle & Fashion Magazines


British actress Lydia Bright loves pieces from VL



Angela Simmons in VL


Angela Simmons in VL


Vanessa Simmons in VL

 On the 29th of April 2012, under three years since the label was born, VL made their debut in United Kingdom retail giant Topshop on Oxford circus, London, a milestone in fashion and one most designers spend a life time trying to achieve.


VL's Spring/Summer 2012 collection in Topshop


VL's Spring/Summer 2012 collection in Topshop


VL's Spring/Summer 2012 collection in Topshop


VL’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection in Topshop


VL's Spring/Summer 2012 collection in Topshop

MMR is now in its second year with the 2012 edition coming up soon, we decided to catch up with the young trio of VL- Opeyemi- Wemi Akinsola, Adenike Ajanaku and Fioye Akinsola behind the label.

As you already know, MMR aims to promote talents in the Music and Fashion industries by fusing performances by some of the most outstanding artists in the Nigerian Music industry with a runway showcase featuring some of the most creative designs by up-and-coming designers Nigeria has to offer from Pret-a-Porter to Couture Fashion.

Opeyemi- Wemi Akinsola, Adenike Ajanaku and Fioye Akinsola take us through their experiences on MMR 2011, how VL has grown so far and their plans for the future.

MMR: Tell us about Virgos Lounge, who are the designers behind the label?

VL: Virgos Lounge is a brand founded by three Virgo friends, we started out selling reworked vintage pieces and we progressed into designing our own collections with a vintage feel to them.

MMR: How and why did you go about setting up your label and in what year did you do so? What were your aims?

VL: Our love for vintage clothes sparked the idea of the brand in 2008 and it has just progressed naturally from then on.

MMR: How was it for doing the MMR 2011 show? Tell us about your experiences?

VL: The team we had for MMR was very supportive and efficient, especially Kike Soyode and Bolaji Animashaun. They saw everything was in place from start to finish, we couldn't have done it without them.

MMR: What do you think of MMR and the whole idea of supporting new talents?

VL: Its a fantastic idea because the fashion and entertainment industries are both growing ones with the potential to be massive industries so putting them together was a genius idea. The fact that it features mainly new talents makes it even better!

MMR: How do you think your collection showcased at MMR 2011 was received?

VL: We think it was received really well! It was our first and only time (so far) being on the runway and it could not have been done any better. The tempo of the music and the items from that collection went really well together.

MMR: What were your highlights of MMR 2011 other than your own show?

VL: Everything! The entire show was very well put together and all the designers and artists did a fab job.

MMR: How do you see the Nigerian fashion scene, do you think there's any room for growth for young designers like yourselves?

VL: There is definitely room for growth and it seems like that is already happeningvwith the likes of Vogue Italia visiting designers studios! Thats major growth!. The most important thing for us is improving with every new collection released whilevremaining true to our brand aesthetic.

MMR: How has the label evolved in the last one year since MMR 2011? Major milestones /proudest moments? Ay accolades and awards?

VL: Stocking in Topshop is definitely one of our major milestones in the last year. Grazia naming us one of the top three brands to watch out for in the UK, celebrity endorsements, magazine features and ultimately having satisfied customers/clients.

MMR: Nigeria's fashion industry is growing at a fast pace. What are its strengths and weaknesses - creatively, economically, the media, retail, infrastructure?

VL: Strengths would have to be the talent in the industry and the availability of fashion savvy consumers that are ready to buy. We are not based in Nigeria but a weakness for most industries if not all would have to be electricity and the absence of other basic infrastructures needed to run/build a business.

MMR: How are your designs influenced by your cultural roots and African styles of dressing/ compared to inspirations further afield and international fashion trends?


Colour! We are bold with our colours which stems from being African, the brighter the better!

MMR: Who is the VL customer?

VL:vThe VL customer is someone who loves fashion but isn't a slave to trends, she is definitely not afraid to stand out :)

MMR: Does African fashion get the attention it deserves abroad? Can it compete with the best in the world? What are the obstacles?

VL: It is getting more attention but definitely not as much as it deserves but if we keep putting the work in and focus on improving ourselves and our presentation then I see no reason why we cant compete with the best!

MMR: What are your plans for the next season/next year?

VL: Next season for us is Autumn/Winter which we are in the process of shooting.vWe are working with some new styles and fabric we are really excited about, the campaign images will be released soon. For more information on VL, visit the website:

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